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Inline Folder Gluer Stitcher - a new concept for the casemaker

X300 inline folder gluer stitcher is the best solution to connect top flexo printer slotter die cutter. It will replace the inline folder gluer and offline folder gluer stitcher for the efficiency.

Saving time, space & labor cost

The offline machines, corrugated board needed to load at flexo printer slotter and offline folder gluer, also it needed to unload twice from the stacker of flexo printer slotter and folder gluer.

If flexo printer slotter + inline folder gluer stitcher, it will save corrugated boards loading and unloading time. It saves the full machine space.

If we prepare the pre feeder and automatic tying machine at the end of the inline machines, it will save more time.

At inline machines, the carton box is only needed to load, unload once. There is not required space for transit the corrugated board between two machines because it’s directly connected.

The one offline printer slotter die cutter required five operators. One is the chief team perator to set the machine. Two operators on feeding the board into the machine, two operators on collect the pile of board at stacker. It is a same working process on offline folder gluer or folder gluer stitcher. If it used in flexo printer slotter inline folder gluer stitcher, then only required five operators, which mean saving half labor cost. If equipped with auto pre feeder to load the corrugated sheets into the machine and equipped automatic tying machine, we can save more extra labor cost. It will be perfect, we can quipped robot palletizer.